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Opening Day 2014

  Well opening was a great hunt with most getting plenty of shooting.Some had some bad field positions but with guys limiting out early they were able to move and get some better shooting.Lots of morning and whitewing birds with a few ringnecks.

Got a big rain Firday afternoon so fields were wet but it was to late to change the birds patterns.It is supposed to rain this week hard so standby for conditions.Still a few spots for Oct.18th and 25th but will go fast if it dries up and birds hand around.

There were several kids this opener on their first hunt with gun in hand.All got their first bird and a couple even got a limit.Lots of birds made the hunt for these beginners and I am sure they're hooked now.

Last Updated (Monday, 29 September 2014 21:10)


Dove 2014

Well dove season is almost here.Fields have been in and are doing well.Its been relatively dry summer so fields are dry now(Sept.3rd).Got an additional field planted this year so we have plenty of room.

The season were extending this year and limits left at 15 per person per day.

1st phase Sept.27th - Oct.27th

2nd phase Nov.8th - Dec.1st

3rd phase Dec.12th - Jan.15th

Plan now as hunts are booking fast.Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 03 September 2014 12:29)


First phase hunts

Well opening day was good had lots of whitewing doves to shoot at.Hunters didn't hit as many as I would haveliked but whitewings can throw you a curve when 50 or more birdscome in at once.Still everyone had a good time.One group didn't have a good shoot but were right on the edge of the action and keep thinking that any minute would produce some good shooting.

Second weekend was a completely different story.Birds hung around all week but dwindled in numbers slighty each day.Saturday they were all but gone with very few coming in that afternoon.Still everyone had a good time and understood its hunting and we thank them.Hopefully cold front will push some birds around.The whole area is drying fast and I suspect this is reason for birds scattering.Lots of dry fields and pastures now available.



Last Updated (Monday, 14 October 2013 21:15)


Week Before Opener

Well one week to go til opening day.Fields did great inspite of all the rain.There are plenty of birds on fields and should be a great hunt.We will be in fields around 1:30pm and start shooting around 2pm.If you have a reservation with us or somewhere else bring water.Also don't forget a chair or bucket,decoys if you like.Plenty of shells but we will have some.Remember be patient and mark your birds once you knock them down.Lots of grass and will be hard to find if not dropped in field.

Season has not even started and we are busy  already.If you want to come out call now as we booking up fast.

Good Luck 

Last Updated (Saturday, 28 September 2013 20:23)


2013/2014 Dove Season

Dove season is fast approaching and we are taking reservations now for coming season.Opener is  Saturday Oct.5th,afternoon only.We should have good shoots again this year but it was hard planting with all the rain.Fields have come in good and there are plenty of resident birds now.Don't wait to long to get a spot.Seasons are below and don't forget we offer quail hunts and snipe hunts.Let us know if you have any questions.Combo hunts available for hogs,quail or snipe.

First Pase: October 5th - October 28th

Second Phase: November 16th - December 1st

Third Phase: December 14 - January 12th

Good Hunting

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